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*introducing a new little series here... it won't be regular or on a schedule or anything formal like that. they'll appear whenever I get the chance to photograph someone and find out what makes them who they are. their quirks. their uniqueness. whatever i observe about them. i've said it before, but people are one of my biggest passions. so here we go...
So the one thing about Jenn is that she won't stop coughing. The end.
(I told you I was gonna do it, girl...)

Jenn and I got to meet up for approximately six hours one crazy day last month. We sat by my piano and talked about everything from Broadway to blogging to people to fashion to stalkers to Les Mis. We ate Mexican food and talked some more, about theatre, traveling, Jess, and anger management (heh heh). On the way to the airport, we sang along to the Frozen soundtrack and Michael Buble and talked some more, mostly about music and Idina Menzel. We weaved our way into the airport terminal and talked some more, this time about God, love, and relationships. When we hugged goodbye in front of security, I knew I was saying goodbye to somebody special. And definitely someone I hope to see again someday.

From the moment Jenn squeezed through a crush of people and dodged flailing elbows in order to come flying into our first hug, I could tell this was a girl who was all about life. I've never met anyone whose eyes literally light up (and I'll get back to her eyes in just a minute...). She's easily excited without being loud. She's animated without being obnoxious. A one-of-a-kind if I've ever met one, Jenn is unpredictable in the best way possible. Example: she'll just start singing. With no warning. Even though her singing voice was a little impaired by the aforementioned cough, that didn't stop her. She is totally ghetto and calls you things like "dude" "bro" and "man" with a totally straight face that lets you know she's completely serious. What's so cool about it is that she doesn't do it to get a reaction; it's just who she is.

Jenn is not afraid to tell you what she thinks or if she disagrees with you, even over little things. Do you know how refreshing that is? She is confident enough in her opinions to express and defend them. (Speaking of opinions... don't ever mention Russell Crowe's name around Jenn unless you are braced for a fierce lecture.) And remember when I mentioned that unpredictability? Yeah, she rocks it. One minute she would be crooning, "I juuust haven't met you yeeeet..." and then in nearly the same breath, she'd be telling me all about what God had taught her over the past few months. She was open without being needy; transparent without being boastful; honest without being sharp. She talked about Jesus as easily as she would talk about her brother (and she talked about both quite a bit)

She absentmindedly twirls her hair around her fingers... maybe that's the real reason it's so curly? The giddy way she smiles reminds me so much of my friend, Emily. She appreciates food (and I appreciate food, so I appreciate Jenn for our mutual appreciation of food). And along that same subject, she really likes tea. As in, she throws in a tea reference when even semi-applicable. Oh, and I promised I would get back to her eyes... I've never said this about anyone, so I'm not being overly-cliched when I say that Jenn's eyes are the sea. Awash with all different shades of blue and green. Changing by the minute. Full. Just full of soul. They get wide when she's talking and remain sparkling when she's listening. My photographs really don't do them justice. They were my favourite thing about her face (and if that isn't the weirdest thing I've ever said about someone, I don't know what is).

Jenn is fearless. She'll probably disagree with me, but I don't think anything intimidates her. Spontaneous roadtrips to somewhere she's never been? Why not. Singing and acting on stage in front of hundreds of people? No problem. Making goofy faces at the camera? It's a talent. Standing in the street and talking to complete strangers about the pro-life movement? Like a pro. Flying to Oklahoma by herself and attending a conference where she knows absolutely no one? Sounds like fun. Heck, she just up and climbed a tree in our backyard because she wanted to and she knew she could.

Basically, Jenn was fantastic and weird and spontaneous and lively. She was just Jenn. Real, genuine, unadulterated Jenn. So here she is, in all her crazy, windblown, straight-up noon sunlight glory. But I think sunshine suits her, don't you?

Jenn was really enjoying Oklahoma wind. Either that or she was going for the sans-Leo Titanic look.

Love you, Jenn. Let's make it longer than six hours next time, k?


  1. Looks like a fun time together. :D Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

  2. I like the way you talk about the people you love.....its awesome.
    And my, Jenn is adorable. She just looks like fun and kindness all wrapped up in one person :)

  3. "Sans-Leo Titanic look" Enough read.

  4. Such beautiful pictures! You captured that "light in her eyes" look you were talking about, so lovely! :) And I admit I may have smirked a bit whilst reading "Sand-Leo Titanic look" XD

  5. I love how you love people and see the best in them. Lovely words and equally lovely photographs. That girl has amazing sewn to her soul. And so do you!

  6. Beautiful pictures!! Loved this portrait of a wonderful, godly young lady. Though I don't know here, she sounds like a wonderful friend! Friends like that are rare and the way you treasure them is lovely, Petie dear.

  7. SHUTUP I LOVE YOU BOTH JUST SO MUCH AND THIS IS MAKING ME SO HAPPY AND SAD THAT I WASN'T THERE BUT STILL SO HAPPY. ahhhhh she's just so cute and yes yes yes everything you said about her really trruuuuue. also, jenn, you are just totes adorbs! supes awesome! I LOVE YOU BOTH OK. COME TO MY HOUSE FOR COFFEE THANKYOUANDAMEN.

  8. so so so I've been gone all week without internet but I just finally got to see this and TEARS. wow this feels like so long ago, TOO long ago. get back into my life. and you are precious and so nice to me, shucks. (except for the coughing. I KNEW IT.)
    hahaha I love that you said we talked about stalkers, because that actually was a super long conversation. hilarious. and Russell Crowe...heheh oops. but I'm still not sorry. someday you'll see the light.
    oh boy my awkward peace signs and tree climbing and wind dancing. ;) but girl you made me smile about my eyes, you're so sweeeeeet. ugh why do you live so far away. also when is the next time I can come visit you? cuz for real, it needs to happen.

  9. This is so sweet and wonderfully written! Jennoelle sounds like a crazy awesome person to be around.

    I just found your blog (through Jenn's blog) and I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts :)

  10. I love your posts about when you get to meet and hang out with friends who live far away. :) Good job squeezing lots of fun into a short time. Days like those just make me excited for Heaven where we will all be together praising God forever!

  11. I've tagged you, Petie!


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