so i started a business.

When I drew out my list of 2014 adventures at the beginning of the year, one of the first items I jotted down was, start a new job or business. Well, folks, the time has come.

I don't have to explain how much I love books. And my last post was pretty much a proclamation of my ardent love of people. Over the past year, as I have been acting as the literature teacher for my sister and a friend of mine, I discovered a way to combine both those loves into a little business I am crazy excited about: online literature tutoring. And on April 14, I officially launched By the Book, my own literature teaching business! I'm more than just a little thrilled, if you couldn't tell. I have wanted to start a business for quite some time, and to create something that so perfectly melds two of my biggest passions has been purty amazing. God is good and gives me the courage to be adventurous.

So now if you don't mind, head on over and check out my business because I'm proud of it. No shame here, people. And I would consider it a personal favor if you would forward the link to friends, share it on your social media outlets, tell your neighbor... ya know, any way to get the word out. Thanks in advance, guys. And hey, if any of you would like to study a book with me, then let's do it! Just head over to my shop and we'll get this party started.

And I can't end this post without saying that my darling Jess is the sneaky little sheep behind the gorgeous design of my new website. Seriously, guys, she did a stunning job. Sometimes I will just click on my home page and stare at it for a while thinking, It's soooo beautiful. (Again, I really have no shame.) Thank you so much, my lovely Jess!


  1. Wow wow wow! That is so exciting for you, Petie!!
    What a great business to start! Your website is lovely, give Jess my compliments! :)
    Hope your business is a success!! It's so encouraging seeing all the careers people can have without going to college. As you probably remember from that time I e-mailed you, I don't plan on going to college (that could change, but I don't think it will) but would like to have a job/business that I love and enjoy. I just don't plan on becoming a doctor or anything, haha. ;)
    Another blogger I follow (FreshModesty) who didn't go to college is in the process of creating her own skirt line. So really, the possibilities are endless even without a college degree. :)
    Anyways, congratulations! :)

  2. Oh, I'm so happy for you! I'll have to check it out. Congratulations!

  3. That is such a cool and creative business! Best of luck - I hope it goes well!

  4. I wish you success! Happy easter!

  5. Greetings from Australia!
    Ooooh that sounds really good! Best of luck with your buisness! :-) I'm also new to the blogging world and would really appriciate if you checked out my blog http://ramblingsfromaustralia.blogspot.com.au/ cheers!

  6. Just checked out the website...it looks amazing! Best of luck as you start this new venture! :D

  7. Oh goodness, what a blessing this is. Congratulations!! :-)

  8. how did I miss this post? whaaaa? YAY so happy for you and praying that your business will just totally boom! heh heh heh this sneaky lil sheep is super happy that you like it and also, LET'S NOT FORGET THAT COFFEE YOU NEED TO MAKE ME. :D

  9. Listing down your goals is one thing, but actually following through on them is another. I'm glad you decided to materialize your dream of starting your own business, Payton. That is just the beginning of many great things. I'm proud of you for achieving that. Thanks for sharing that! More power to you and your business! :)

    Daryl Cross @ Nahi Gazal


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