hungary for adventure

There aren't many eighteen-year-old girls who hear God telling them to pack up, move to Hungary to go to Bible college and be a missionary, and reply with, "Okay, God, let's do this!" But that's exactly what my sweet friend Emily did. This fall, she's crossing the ocean and jumping continents to discover the work God has called her to do.

This girl inspires me more than I can say. She is adventurous and daunted by nothing, with a crazy joyous smile and an inability to stop laughing. I've known her for almost twelve years, and though we've been through our share of rocky times, she's never given up on me and she's always got my back. Guys, she's as loyal as they come, and I honestly don't know how I'm going to handle her being so far away for so long.

We keep laughing that we're both taking huge steps in our lives at the same time, her moving to Hungary and me to England. Emily, we got this, girl. We're doing this crazy life together, with Jesus as our foundation and His joy and strength in our hearts. I'll miss you.

Howling ghosts they reappear // In mountains that are stacked with fear // But you're a king and I'm a lionheart // And as the world comes to an end // I'll be here to hold your hand // 'Cause you're my king and I'm your lionheart. 

*a huuuuuuge thank-you to Hoboken Coffee Roasters for letting us take pictures in there!! :)


  1. Wow! thats amazing Emily! God bless you in all that you do there. P.S. love the pics!

  2. This is basically the most adorable person ever. XD

  3. SO SO SO MUCH PRETTY. these are faaaaatastic! especially love that last one!

  4. Love those pictures!!! And you guys are both crazy, but an awesome kind of crazy. It takes guts to pack up and leave home, and I admire you both for it!!!


  5. Love you love you! Love these pictures so much. Thank you my dear! xoxoxo

  6. Beautiful photos, gorgeous girl. What amazing adventures God has in store!


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