ta-da the thing has arrived

So. We finally did it. The long-awaited questions & answers vlog has finally made its appearance. We don't really have an excuse for taking an eternity and a half other than the fact that we were busy + maybe just a teensy bit lazy. Ahem. So that's a thing. But to redeem ourselves, we put a bit of a spin on the typical q&a. Also, be expecting the sequel soon! What sequel, you ask? Basically, we received a couple questions of a deeper nature that we wanted to elaborate on but didn't have time in this video, so we solved that problem by filming a follow-up. Kaboom. Enjoy, kids.


  1. Haha, you guys are great!! I love your videos, they're so hilarious. Loved hearing all your answers!

  2. "just being together and being fantastic." :) :) :)
    you two are awesome.

  3. This is AMAZING!! :D Thank you for doing this!
    I am filming my first vlog today... eeeeeek!
    Any ideas or questions (It's a Q and A one too)

  4. That twas hilarious! It is good to see two people so thoroughly enjoying each other's company. It made me feel a teeny bit happier about the world in general. Thanks for the hilarious vlog : )

  5. this is my favorite video! Ya'll are obviously having so much fun ;D

  6. I don't know you girls but I was laughing during this video - you are so funny together. :-)

    1. well if we could make you laugh, then we consider that a roaring success. :D

  7. Petie, your hair!! It looks cool :)
    You girls make me laugh! Keep it up :)


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