Guys, it's practically 2015. WHATTHEEVENHECK. This year moved so fast I don't remember some months even happening. For real, I'm not just saying that to be cliched. I began scheming my trip to England in January, eight months of planning later I was on a plane, fast forward three months and I was back on a plane headed home, and I had just gotten settled back in when I realized 2014 was practically over. Crazy, crazy.

2014 has been the absolute best year of my life to date. I couldn't be more thankful, because 2013 was not so fantastic, and I came out of it with an extra dose of cynicism. But throughout the hardships of that year, the one thing that remained constant and trustworthy was the Lord. When living life my own way completely backfired, He gave me grace to start again with following His will instead of my own. When I hit rock bottom, He showed His love to me over and over until I finally got it. So when 2014 rolled around, I was determined not to hold anything back from the Lord, since He had proved that no matter what I did, He would never hold His love back from me. My prayer at the beginning of this year was that my relationship with Him would deepen and grow to such an extent that I would surrender everything in my life fully to Him, willing to go and do whatever He asked of me. And, well, let's just say He took me pretty literally.

First of all, He took me to England. ENGLAND. God used my trip, and even simply the preparation of it, to stretch me and push me to the point where I was willing to trust Him through anything; there was so much unknown that I had no other option but to trust. And then about halfway through my trip, I found out that my life back home was changing. Drastically. It's too long and personal a story to share here (maybe someday...), but basically my parents told me that when I got home, everything would be different. And they were right. Everything has been new and weird and confusing and different and hard and exciting but mostly weird.

But the cool part is that I've never freaked out over all these big changes. See, when I look back over this year (and even the year before), it's completely clear how the Lord has been preparing me to trust Him. Because now He's asking me to step into the unknown. He's asking me to live by faith. He's asking me to step out of my comfort zone. He's asking me to let Him be Lord of my life. And I have peace. Assurance. I can say yes. And that's just phenomenal. And on top of all that, LOOK AT ALL THESE COOL PEOPLE HE GAVE ME I'M JUST KINDA CRAZY ABOUT THEM.

Besides going to England, some other pretty amazing things happened this year, too... My third niece was born, I saw Beauty and the Beast live with my sister, I ran my first 5k, I saw All Sons & Daughters in concert, I met Jenn (twice!) and Ellie, I had several photography jobs, I read lots and lots of amazing new books, I had a pretty fantastic bon voyage party with my closest of close friends, I've taken two online photography classes, and I'm spending New Year's Eve with my favourite Texas people.

Coming out of 2014, I am refreshed, strengthened, renewed. I feel closer to the Lord than I ever have. I have built some forever friendships that I couldn't be happier about. I took my dream trip. I have home in two places now. I can confidently say that I do trust in the Lord and that He alone is my strength and joy. I don't have a "word" for 2015, but I am ready to tackle whatever God has for me. But all I can say is that if 2015 tops this year, it's gonna be one crazy ride.



  1. Petie, you're making me cry.....honestly, this post was beautiful. Happy New Year!! <3

  2. "I have a home in two places now.". naaaawwww stop it, areyoukiddingme it's too much for my yiddle heart (would be supes awkward if you weren't talking about here ay...now I'm seriously doubting...)! also, I really loved this post and SO MANY HAPPY PICTURES AND SMILEY PEOPLE YAY YAY. loveyou + we need to skype soon, coz we haven't skyped since last year...heh. heh. heh.

    1. okay um yeah this is really awkward then cuz no way was I talking about your house. :P AS IF.
      love you too! and yeeesssss a skypeth will happen very soon. heh heh.

  3. Happy New Year! I loved this post and your trust in God is inspiring! I hope everything goes well with all the new changes you're facing at home. And I absolutely LOVED "following along" on your trip to England-AKA reading all your posts and seeing all your beautiful pictures. I always wanted to visit England but I now want to more than ever! It looks so incredibly gorgeous and is definitely one of my top places I want to visit someday. :)

  4. Happy New Year! :)

    I've nominated/awarded you for the Blogger Recognition Award at my blog :) :http://janeaustenmad.blogspot.co.nz/2015/01/blogger-recognition-award.html


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