My older brother Jerrett moved to Texas six or seven years ago. Now he's married to the one and only Samantha, and they make their home in south Austin (in literally one of the cutest houses ever). Last weekend we got to visit them for a few days, and as the last several months have been a busy, tumultuous time for my family, it was just the sort of relaxing, chill holiday we needed. (Also let me interject here that my family is really cool and attractive and just wow.)

The last time we visited Austin, we spent most of our time in the downtown area. This go around, we explored different parts of town, toured campus, snacked at a ton of restaurants and bakeries, kicked back at the house cooking out and watching movies (one of them being The Secret Life of Walter Mitty which I love and adore), took scenic walks by the river, and basically ate a whole bunch of special-to-Austin food. No, seriously, a lot of food went down, people. But what else are you supposed to do when there is an endless supply of unique restaurants and you just want to try them ALL.

Thanks for the holiday, Austin. You really are a lovely, hipster-crazy, exciting, interesting place. (Just cut down on the traffic, okay?)


The Hope Outdoor Gallery - This huge maze of graffiti-covered concrete spans an entire hill and provides a great view of downtown Austin. You have to work hard to run out of things to look at.

Gourdough's Public House - A restaurant where everything is served on a donut. Donut sandwiches, donut burgers, donut appetizers, donut desserts. Need I say more?

Torchy's Tacos - Tacos are a huge thing in Austin, and I really don't think you could ever run out of options. But Torchy's is one of the best.

Mozart's Coffee House - Located on the river with plenty of outdoor seating, this coffee house serves delicious beverages and offers a beautiful view.

World Market - Not limited to Austin, of course, but always a good idea.  


  1. :) Is that your whole family? Great photos!

  2. No, my oldest brother is married with four kids! They weren't able to come with us this time. But that's the rest of us! :)

  3. Your family is just as lovely as I remember. Great seeing old faces again! :)

  4. :) Glad you guys had such a good time! Beautiful pictures!!

  5. :) Glad you guys had such a good time! Beautiful pictures!!

  6. Austin is the best! I spent three weeks there a couple of summer ago, but I mostly saw the inside of Ballet Austin (where I trained) and less the wonderful places to go! But I did enjoy some of downtown Austin as well as the campus life! Great pictures and fun blog!

    Hannah from Grace in Everything

  7. yeah like what even is austin. as if I'm even jealous.

  8. Enjoyed the visual tour + the story interwoven in your photos and words. :)


  10. I am on your blog for the first time, and I love it!

    Those graffiti- covered walls though..oh the photo shoots that could happen there! ;)
    Beautiful photos. :) xx.


  11. Wow, makes me think we should go there! You should be hired to tour a city and take pictures then promote the city on a travel blog! But you'd have to take your beautiful family with you to class up the photos!
    It looks like you had a fun and refreshing time! <3

  12. TORCHYS!! We are from Dallas and these photos (beautiful) are makin' me miss A-Town! Your blog is beautiful :)

  13. TORCHYS!! We are from Dallas and these photos (beautiful) are makin' me miss A-Town! Your blog is beautiful :)


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