GUYS. I have some exciting news. My little chum Jess and I have been working on a special project we think you're going to love. The idea sparked a couple months ago, and after much development and discussion and work and laughter and worry and a little too much fun (all of which fueled by coffee, of course), it's finally ready! Since we both love vlogging and are always looking for ways to stay creative, we are so happy to introduce our new video series, Mind the Gap!

*watch in HD

 Hi there! We're Jess (the Brit) and Petie (the American), and we've been amazingly close friends since 2012. Since we live much too far apart, Mind the Gap is our new conversational-type web series in which we talk to each other about life, coffee, funny stories from our everyday, our loving Saviour, random stuff, and basically anything that makes us laugh. New video every Monday!

Lest you think us terribly selfish, we didn't make this just for us. This is for us and for you, for everyone! We want you guys to get involved by following along and adding your thoughts, comments, opinions, ideas, etc., to whatever it is we're talking about. Feel free to engage in conversation, talk amongst yourselves, and spark some really amazing discussion! So with that in mind, now comes the part where I beg you to subscribe to the "Mind the Gap" channel (you know you want to!), and please share the video above anywhere and everywhere you choose!

Our first video goes live on Monday, August 3! Keep up with Jess and me on Instagram; that's where we pop around the most. We don't know exactly what this project will look like in days to come or how far it will take us, but we are so excited about this new creative venture, and we hope you love it and have as much fun with it as we do!


  1. This is going to be awesome!! I subscribed ... can't wait to see more videos! =)

  2. i've subscribed! that is so cool guyeeeesssss!!!!!!

  3. Aiyeee, awesome! This is going to be so fun *subscribes*
    Super stoked for your upcoming video <3

  4. HOW exciting is this???! Oh my goodness I love it to bits and think you two are going to go very far with your love for youtube & general amazing sense of creativity. xx

    Acacia | p-o-n-d-e-r-i-n-g.blogspot.com

  5. Thank you all so much for your support! We are so excited and we hope you enjoyed the first episode! :)

    1. xD It's alright! Oh Happy Belated Birthday!!!


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