Hey there, friend! I'm so happy you've dropped by. I'm Payton (but feel free to call me Petie), the crazy + creative who behind this blog. I've lived in Oklahoma for all of my twenty-two years, but I am afflicted with hardcore wanderlust. 2014 somewhat marked the beginning of my travel life, and I've never looked back. So far, I have made it to 14/50 American states, England, Scotland, Wales, and Israel. I'm a portrait photographer, a writer for Grafted Magazine, and the American half of the Mind the Gap series on Youtube. And I drink coffee like there is no tomorrow. Truth.

If you hang around, you will bear witness to plenty of travel posts (currently working on my photos from Israel!), my professional photography sessions, vlogs popping up every once in a while, the frequent mentioning of coffee, and personal ramblings as I try to figure out this crazy adventure called life. You catch my drift? I serve an amazing God who has given me far more than I deserve, so above all else, I hope and pray He uses this little online space for His glory.

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I really hope you decide to stay because I love making new chums. Follow along, flick me an email, or check out my social media links below! (Psssst... Instagram is my fave.)

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