Edinburgh, Scotland
Austin, Texas
Long ago in the early stages of this blog, I shared my dream travel list, months before I began planning my trip to England. While re-reading it recently, I couldn't help but smile at how amazing it is that the UK has finally been checked off that list. To be honest, I got a tiny bit sentimental (okay... a lot) as I read my paragraphs on England and Scotland, where I listed all the things I dreamed of doing and the sites I longed to see. I still have trouble believing that I completely fulfilled those ambitions, getting to see and do everything I planned plus so much more.

Well, I figured it was time to update my list! Obviously I would love to revisit the UK or some of my favourite US destinations (Coloradooooo), but my travel list is only for places I have yet to see. I can't help it. I'm that person who is constantly making travel plans, checking flight prices, and figuring budgets, because it's never too early to start planning, right? For now I must be content with working hard and saving money, but over the next couple years, here are a few cities and countries I would love to step foot in...

Kendal, England (photo by Jess McGhie)
1. Iceland
My desire to visit Iceland has only exploded. It seems like several people I know or follow on social media have visited Iceland recently, and their pictures are astonishingly beautiful. Also, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty just added fuel to the fire (that film is like my love language). I pretty much sit there drooling during all the Iceland scenes (yeah, there's a lovely mental image for you). I have this feeling that once I explore Iceland, I'll never want to leave.

2. New York City
My country roots are strong and raging, but after experiencing big cities like London and Austin, TX (and completely falling in love), I'm pretty sure I could find a home in some place like New York. I'm developing a deep fondness for city vibes, and NYC is calling. Broadway and street food and Chinatown and famous coffee and Times Square and Central Park = YES. Maybe one day I could even hit it up on New Year's Eve...

standing in Philadelphia and waving to New Jersey
3. Paris, France
Or really, just France in general. But Paris is always a good idea, right? I want to climb up into the Eiffel Tower and try that infamous Paris food (all of it) and learn the secrets of why/how Parisians always look so darn classy.

4. The West Coast, USA
I have family in California, but the times we've visited I haven't been old enough to appreciate the sites. So I'd love to go back and fully soak in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco (which I hear has the best fish tacos, so that's reason enough right there)... This Disney-loving girl would jump at the chance to spend a day at Disneyland. And while I'm over there, I might as well pop up and visit the gorgeous states (and mountains) of Washington and Oregon, particularly Portland and Seattle. Rumor has it the scenery and coffee shops are to die for.

5. New Zealand
You may not know this, but there's this half-Kiwi that I really like and she's obsessed with New Zealand and I don't think she'll permit me to die without seeing it. Besides, best I can tell, it sounds like the type of place that is so incredible you just can't help but be obsessed.

West End, London, England
6. Charleston, South Carolina
Bright colors and a sailing atmosphere and historical sites and beautiful scenery. Sounds sublime. Plus, I've had people tell me Charleston is my kind of place and I would fit right in there. Seems like a match made in heaven, right?

7. Vancouver, British Columbia
Keeping up with my recently discovered love of big cities, Vancouver is drawing me like a magnet. The more I find out about it, the more earnestly I check out flights. I think Vancouver would be a wonderful, exciting, and probably fairly hipster first-time-in-Canada experience.

Well, that's a good start! Have you been to any of these places? What's on your travel list??
Ouray, Colorado
Norwich, England
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  1. Oh, what wonderful places for your traveling goals list! Paris was amaaaaazing -- I loved the outdoor markets!


  2. If you come to Portland, you're staying with me. Not even joking. I'll take you to all the best places;) I actually live right in between Portland and Seattle, sooooo...win-win, right?;)

  3. NYC has had my heart ever since I got to go there 2 years ago. It was basically the best vacation ever, next to our Alaska vacation we took in 2005! :) I want to visit England and France soooo bad!!! But I'm also longing to visit California especially L.A. and SF! :) Oh and I want to go back to Colorado and Wyoming with all my heart!!! Last time I was there I was pretty young! But Colorado has my heart too because my grandparents used to live there and we would visit them all the time when I lived in MN!

  4. coughI'dlovetohearyourthoughtsonAustraliacough
    But seriously though awesome list! Similar to mine actually! :D Oh and if you do get to NZ we're just a 3hr plane ride away. We being the......................... Aussies...... dun dun daaaaaaaaaaaah (why did I do that?)
    Anyways I loved all the English Photos and top of my list now is the West End!

  5. Wow, so many wonderful places! I love travel lists :D

    Dance A Real


  7. You would love New Zealand;) I'd love to see Paris, definitely. Just Europe in general....

  8. You would love New Zealand;) I'd love to see Paris, definitely. Just Europe in general....

  9. If you are ever road tripping my way, you have to come stay with my family and visit Lexington. I know some pretty places to take you. :D

  10. PERFECT list. I want to visit every. single. one. of. those. (but whyyy must flights be soo expensive). Love this post! x

  11. theses photos are really cool! i would love to go to england and canada. yup, you would really love new zealand. i happen to live there and i think its the best place in the world!


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