People have been hard and heavy on my mind recently. People I know, people I have known, people I want to know more. And one aching thought tugs at my heart: I just want to hear their voice again. Please. Just once. And then yesterday morning, sprawled across my bed with my Bible and my journal scattered amongst the sheets, it hit me: That must be what God thinks about me, too. 

As someone who has struggled with prayer and feeling like I'm not "doing it right," it was like a firework exploded in my understanding. Reading the Bible and doing devotionals just isn't enough; as much as I want to simply hear the voices of those I love, so is He longing to hear my voice, crying out to Him, praising Him, just talking to Him.

Words. Laughter. Tears. That's what makes real relationships.

"Let me hear your voice, for your voice is sweet..." 
(song of solomon 2:14)

(christmas is less than a week away how did this happen that is insane.)


  1. Yes, just YES.
    Also, relationships are based on communications on both ends. I think it matters that we listen to His voice as well. :)

    1. Yes yes yes! Couldn't have said it better myself, Jemimah. :)

  2. Thanks for this great reminder, Petie! I have been struggling with prayer recently as well, so this came at an opportune moment! :)

  3. Oh yes :) Thanks for sharing, Petie....That's really good. Its all about the relationship. Been thinking about that a lot too.
    Love you!!

  4. This makes so much sense. Goodness. I think often my tendency is just the opposite; I tell Him everything, and than sit around, waiting for Him to answer, without reading His word and finding my comfort there. This really prodded my thinking, thanks so much for sharing your heart, Petie.

  5. Wow! Love this so much! This is such a beautiful concept. Thanks for sharing, Petie!

    Someday, I'd like to see ya again! It's been forever. :-(


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