on globetrotting.

Though I've never been out of the United States, the urge to travel is etched in my being. I love my home, and sometimes the best part of traveling is coming home, but man alive, how I want to see the world. When I realize how small I am in the grand scope of earth, there just seems to be no other logical solution than to pack up my bags and go. (I am not opposed to a backpacking trip.) There is so much in this world to see, so much to learn from other people and cultures, so much more that God has created than just my little piece of Oklahoma red dirt. I want to learn how other people live and work, I want to adopt their slang and way of talking, I want to see places I've only gazed at in pictures, I want to try new foods ('cuz I'll be honest, food and I have an amazing relationship). And hey, if I can do the Lord's work and spread His truth in other countries and on other continents just as well as I can do it here, then I am definitely all for it. I just want to see it all, peoples.

Buuuut as it is highly unlikely that I will live long enough or have the time (and money, heh) to see every speck of land on planet earth, here are a few places I feel I must see (in no particular order):

1. England
To anyone who knows me even the tiniest bit, this will come as no surprise. I'm a self-proclaimed Anglophile (don't judge me) and lover of all things British. (You should see my room. Union Jacks abound.) England has such a rich history and legendary cities and places, how could it not be calling the name of this wanderlust-stricken gal. London would be one of the first places I'd go, and seeing a play on the West End is certainly on the agenda. Ever since I fell in love with the life and story of William Wilberforce, I have wanted to visit Westminster Abbey and see his grave, and the fact that Charles Dickens is also buried there doesn't hurt either. Everything about England draws me: the scenery, the history, the towns and cities, the people, the accents (oh heavens, the accents), the tea, all the tiny details that make me want to be all Britishly.

2. Scotland/Ireland
Yes, I'm counting them as one. Sue me. To speak honestly, Scotland has drawn me even longer than England has. Have you seen pictures of the place? It's gorgeous and rich in a way that could never be photoshopped. The moors and hills are exploding with color and life. To go to Scotland and be surrounded by all that beauty and history and castles and kilts and Scottish accents... just sign me up already. Edinburgh is calling me. And hey, Ireland the Irresistible is right there, too, so I'll just pop on over, aye?

3. New York City
For someone who has lived and breathed country life ever since I was born, I admit this is a surprising choice, but I'm dying to see NYC. Times Square is enthralling, and I would totally go just to drink copious amounts of coffee (I must try all the coffee shops, of course) while taking pictures with all the costumed people. And hello, Broadway (Phantom of the Opera, here I come!). Chinatown looks amazing, and I'd love to try out my bartering skills. And a picnic in Central Park? Yes. I don't think I could ever live anywhere as crazy and chaotic as NYC, but a week there would be so full of win. Shopping! Musicals! People! Oh my!

4. New Zealand
This one might be on the list because it's all a certain someone can talk about. But I've done the research. New Zealand is worth visiting. The towns. The ocean (even though you could never get me to swim in the ocean even if you paid me in books and bribed me with coffee). The mountains. Oh, those mountains look glorious. And I've heard the weather is exquisite. New Zealand looks so wild and untamed. When I get there, whether I'm in a city or in the middle of fresh air, I want to just sling a backpack over my shoulder and start walking. Who knows what I'll find?

5. Africa
Oh, Africa, how you tempt me. Knowing several people who have gone to Africa on missions trips and such, it has held a particular regard in my mind for quite some time. Whether I go there myself on a mission trip or just because doesn't matter to me, I'd just like to get there. It has such a mysteriously exotic beauty to it, with its deserts and jungles and eclectic variety of wildlife. And the people there seem so beautiful and interesting. I'd love to sit down with an African family and just let them talk. Tell me everything about everything. Because I seriously want to know.

6. Iceland
Don't expect an explanation for this one because it doesn't exist. Maybe it's because it looks like such a beautifully simple country. Maybe it's because I'm guessing a lot of my preconceived ideas about Iceland being a barren place are totally askew, and I want to find out what I'm missing. Maybe it's because I love Of Monsters & Men. Whatever the reasoning, Iceland makes the list. Besides, if it is as cold there as the name suggests, then it's right up my alley.

7. Paris, France
The Eiffel Tower. Enough said. Nah, there's more to it than that. Though I haven't always been interested in France as a whole, the thought of Paris has always excited me. Even amongst all the glamour, it just seems like one of those places that emphasizes quality over quantity, something that is sorely lacking here in America. And those Parisians know what fashion is. Besides, if anyone can teach this French-botching girl how to actually pronounce those slippery words, who better than a Parisian?  

8. Copenhagen, Denmark
Out of all the places on this list, Copenhagen is the one I know the least about. But in all my imagining of my future travels, it's always hovering in the back of my mind. Once I researched Copenhagen just for fun, and I instantly fell in love with the bright colors and bustling streets. Besides, someone once told me that out of all their European travels, Copenhagen was their favourite, between the friendliness of the people, the tasty food, and the breathtaking sights.

What's on your travel list?


  1. Your travel list is great, Payton! Oh my, I just (yesterday) told my husband that I wanted to go to Iceland...he looked at me like I was crazy. When I was a freshman in high school, I was assigned Iceland as "my country" of research for an entire semester...and well, I fell for it. So I understand you. ;-) Other than that, Ireland and Greece!

  2. Hi Petie! I've never introduced myself before, but I'm Katrina. So hi. :) (And I already said that...yeah. Okay.)

    Some distant relatives of mine still live in Germany, so I've been to Europe a couple times - in 2001 and this past summer. We took Iceland Air (they're super cheap to get across the Atlantic!), and had a layover in Reykjavik. We never left the airport, but from taking off and landing, it's really pretty. And everyone has pools in their backyards because there's evidently underground hot springs.

    I'm on the east coast, so I've been to New York City (my dad actually grew up there). I hated it. I'm a people person, an extreme extrovert, and I don't mind shopping - and it was with my whole family, so that was fun - but it was too much. The first night we were there my siblings and I went downtown on the subway and walked around Wall Street and near the new World Trade Center, and that was my favorite part of the trip. It's ever so much nicer at night. :)

    Seeing the London Symphony Orchestra perform Handel's Messiah in London is on my bucket list; I also want to go back to Austria. We drove through and didn't stop, but the western side of the country was breath-taking. It's the Sound of Music but so, so much better.

    And I have plans to go to an African mission once I have my R.N.; it's a medical mission, and I know the doctor and nurse in charge really well. And maybe China. I've been studying Chinese for the past 5 years, so it would be quite the adventure.

    Traveling plans are the best! Thanks for posting. :)

  3. why, yes, I will go to all those places with you, no problemo. anytiiiiime. heh heh heh hmmmm who is that crazay girl who always talks about new zealand?? she sounds so weird.
    hahaha, never fear! I would never make you go into the ocean! I do noooot like thees sweemink een zee oceeaansss eitheer. gosh, I've always wanted to go to iceland as well. it looks sooooo amazing. also, NYC yes. paris? ohwordy yes. england? meeeh. scotland? scotland is lurvely! I do want to see ireland, but it rains so.flippin.much. africa? yes and amen. denmark? heelllooo yes. but also on my travel list: oklahoma (thankyouandgoodbyeandamenandhallelujah), georgia, ohio, and alaska. and then italy (especially venice), switzerland, croatia, israel, egypt, and hong kong. so, not many places at all. hahaha.

  4. oh traveling... i'm not much of a traveler, but is fun when i do get to do it. africa - i went to s africa this summer and have a feeling that someday i do want to go back. :) x

  5. Your travel list is AWESOME, Petie!
    England: duh.
    Scotland/Ireland: Of course!
    NYC: *hides behind book* *whispers* yes....
    New Zealand: As a Kiwi, I don't think I'm as in awe of this beautiful country as I should be.... until I hear other overseas people saying how much they'd love to visit because it's so beautiful... Then I realize it really is so beautiful! :) The ocean is so neat... (Wait, you won't swim? At all? *gasps* *splutters* But you must! You really must! :P) Your description of the mountains hit the nail right on the head. Exquisite weather... give me a second to process this... I guess it depends on where you're from and what you prefer. Yeah, it's not too bad. :) And the whole backpack thing... yep. 100%. So, if you ever do stop over down here, just look me up. :) We'll have a coffee on my front porch and admire the view. :)
    Africa: Oh yeah... Being a South African citizen has given me such an adoration for this continent! Bee-you-tea-ful.
    Iceland: *scratches head* Thanks an unusual one... but I can understand it. The only thing that would put me off is the cold... *chatter chatter*
    Paris, France: Eiffel Tower. Cafes. French Fashion. 'Nuff said.
    Copenhagen, Denmark: Hm... I never thought much about this one... But, yeah, I think I'd like to see that one too. :)

  6. CAN I GO WITH YOU? :-) Your list sounds wonderful! Mine?

    1. The British Isles {most notably, Scotland and Ireland} - I'm 90% Scotch/Irish/English, so this is kinda a given. Besides, I looooooveeee the history from here.

    2. Israel. I just want to visit someday. No matter how dangerous. ;-)

    3. Plymouth and Boston, MA.

    4. Germany. I have German in me and I want to visit the museums and tributes to the Resistance in the Third Reich because I'm a Resistance nerd.

    5. Austria. I'm also Austrian. :P And Sound of Music, anyone? Swiss Alps?

    6. Switzerland. It's sooooo beautiful! I want to hike in the Alps someday.

    7. Greece. Just because it's such a vivacious culture. :-)

    8. Holland. Rivers in the middle of town that you can skate on in the winter. Fields of Tulips. Besides I did a unit study on Holland with my siblings and have wanted to go ever since.

    9. Prince Edward Island. Anne of Green Gables. ;-)

    10. Alaska. Grizzly bears, fishing for salmon, icebergs, wilderness. Mmmm, yes.

    I think I'm done! ;-)

  7. Hi Petie!! :) I don't think I've introduced myself to you before, but my blogging name is Hyacinth. I absolutely love your blog! I'm from New Zealand, and I would highly recommend traveling here... :P I really want to travel to Spain, South America, Greece, Italy, Russia, Japan...basically anywhere! :D
    God bless you in all that you do on this blog!

  8. Okay so um yep we could basically be twins!!! :) Only few places you didnt mention that I'm dying to visit someday are Italy, Romania and Austria. But basically all the other places above are where I'm dying to visit too! Well, actually I got to visit NYC for 2 days this past summer with the fam. When I was there I got sick of it in a day, but now I miss it more than ever!!! Crazy how that works! haaha


    p.s. I'm a new follower!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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