and so the adventure begins

(in case it wasn't obvious, all pictures of me were taken by, uh, jess)

So in case any of you were curious, I'm here. In England, you know. Meh, it's alright.
WHATEVER GUYS IT'S AMAZING. It's already astonishing me. I am astonished. First there was simply the view out the plane window as we descended. All kinds of incredible. Then there was the rush of cool, refreshing air when I stepped off the plane. All kinds of marvelous. OH YEAH AND THEN THERE'S JESS. All kinds of weird. But she'll do, I suppose. No actually I really really like her. Okay, love. I love her.

So our adventures? We've walked through parks, explored downtown Manchester, and visited a tiny village called Ramsbottom. Jess has introduced me to potato and meat pastys (NOT pastrys), bubble tea (so strange but so delicious), and elderflower & fresh mint cordial. My favourite things so far? Talking with a British accent and not sounding out of place (I'm already being forced to remind myself I am, in fact, American). Walking out in any direction and everything is new and unknown. The food, um yes, the food is good. Jess's family, rad is a mild adjective; we've started every day with multiple prayers and have already had a number of Jesus-discussions. Adelaide's chubby baby face. Strolling through a good English rain shower like it's no big deal. The street performers in Manchester. Turning a corner and BOOM there's a gorgeous building that could be right out of a period drama. Teaching Jess the Cupid Shuffle and Cha Cha Slide (she'd never even heard of them before what kind of alien planet have I come upon). Oh, and we've discovered I can legitimately read Jess's mind and that is no lie. We're in the midst of making more plans and scheming devious plots, so stay tuned, friends. London and York and Edinburgh, oh my!

ALSO, exciting news. Sometime during the course of my visit, Jess and I will be doing a Q&A vlog. So obviously, we need questions. Send 'em all, guys, send 'em all. You can leave them in the comments below, or if you choose Instagram or Twitter, just give it the ol' hashtag: #askpetieandjess. M'kay? Readysetgo.

Anyway, all in all, I'm thrilled to pieces to finally be here and I lovelovelove mah lil' sheep even more in person and ENGLANDOHMYWORDY and I cannot wait for what's ahead. Love you all and for any of my Oklahoma people reading this I MISS YOU. xoxo


  1. Oh my word, so exciting. I love hearing about your adventures and seeing the photos!


    Is that the Ferris wheel in London like is always at the beginning of Sherlock? (Hahaha.) Did you GO on it? I would like to but if I go to England with Amy she probably would get freaked out by such a maneuver. :P

    I will put my mind to some questions for you two. So FUN.

    Now excuse me while I go off and swoon.

    1. I would do it for you. And that's a huge concession coming from me. Don't they call it the London Eye or something like that?

    2. D'awwwww. I'm flattered. I will grasp your hand for moral support, and promise not to tip it on purpose. ;D (And I have no idea what they call it. I didn't know if its existence until Sherlock, HAHA.)

    3. Girls girls GIRLS. I haven't even been to London yet! That is, in fact, the Manchester Eye, which yes is exactly what they have in London. ;D

    Soooooooo stinkin' jealous right now. Also SOOOOO happy for you. SQUEEEEEEE AGAIN.
    Also, the baby cheeks. GAHHHHHH.

  4. Oh my word. IMSOJEALOUS. Haha, looks like you're having all kinds of fun!

    My questions: what type of Nikon do you have? at what age did you start using a DSLR?


  5. Ah! You two are so adorable. I can't believe you're in ENGLAND!!
    And mah wordy I'm excited for your Q&A video.

    Here are some questions:
    1. Describe eachother in three words?
    2. If you could jump into a book and live in that world with those characters which book would it be? (For both of you to answer). ^_^

  6. Yay! You're in England! :) All jealousy has fled and instead I am just so happy for you and Jess.... and y'all are so cute with your bangs and sparkly eyes. :)
    Questions... I've left a couple at Jess' part of the universe (wait... you're there too)... here are some for you!
    #1: What is one thing that you love, but Jess hates?
    #2: If you both could spend all day binge watching anything - TV shows, BBC period dramas, etc - what would it be and what would you snack on?
    #3: You've both got plenty of money and a good three more months to spend together, where would you go?
    #4: Are you morning people or night people? Or are you both different in this regard?
    #5: (Okay... this is my last one...) Have you seen Sherlock yet? And WHAT DO YOU THINK?

  7. Ooooooooh so much fun!! I kinda wish I could be there with you! :-)
    1 question here:
    1) are you visiting any period drama filming locations?

  8. Holy moley two of my favoritest bloggers together - in England!!! Too much goody-goodness! Okay so here's a question for ya:

    1. What is one thing you expected/assumed about England that was totally different than what you thought once you got there??

    2. What is one thing you two have in common??

    Cant wait for this blog!!


  9. My questions:

    1 :: If you could choose to never have tasted coffee or never have met each other, which would you choose?

    2 :: Would you rather Petie move to England or Jess move to America?

    3 :: Why is Sherlock so incredible?

    4 :: What other adventures do you currently have in store?

    5 :: Can you teach me how to be as awesome as you?

    And also I should probably go follow Jess' blog already.

  10. Gorgeous photos!!! I guess you guys are in summertime over there. Looks like you're having a ball!!!

  11. EEEK. Have fun girl! And going a vlog is a great great idea. Both you and Jess are beautiful ladies--stay rad and shining xx.

  12. EEK!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Have bunches and bunches of fun! *hugs*

  13. Petie, it was so good to see your actual real live face tonight! It sounds like you two are having heaps of fun together. I love these pictures...so joyful! I'm so glad you two are getting to have lots of Jesus-discussions and prayers. That's the best kind of friendship, where fun and fellowship are inseparable! And you've been introduced to Sherlock, so life is pretty much complete.

  14. Wow, what a tallent you have here. I'm assuming you were the one who took these? You have some serious talent! I wish you were my photographer, these are amazing!
    Best of luck, I'm looking forward to seeing your next adventures.

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  15. That path, those dancers and that baby! Gorgeous pictures! I can't wait to see some food pictures! ♥

  16. What an adventure. Have fun!

    1. How did you navigate life after graduating HS? (making schedules, alloting time, etc... I just graduated and am amazed by the all the Christian girls ahead of me who have been staying productive without college).

    2. Favorite travel adventure so far?

    3. Favorite books that you've read this past summer?

  17. I love seeing all your pictures from England! So exciting!
    I have a few questions for your and Jess's video~
    Is there anything you DISlike about England?
    What is the hardest part in being so far away from home (other than missing family)?
    How would you describe Jess to someone who doesn't know her?
    Is there something Petie didn't know about England that you couldn't believe she was ignorant of?
    What is the funniest experience you and she have had so far?
    How would you describe Petie to someone who doesn't know her?

    And one for both of you: If you could steal an article of clothing from each other's wardrobe, what would it be?
    Can't wait for the answers! :)


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