It is blowing my mind that I've been in England for more than two weeks already. I want to slam on the brakes and screech, No! Wait! Slow down! It can't pass this quickly! (Um, has that method ever worked before?) Over the past couple weeks, I have seen new cities, rambled through tiny villages, begun learning guitar, tried crumpets and chips for the first time (both of which are outlandishly delicious), and discovered that I love my British people very, very much.

About five (or fifty) different people have asked me what my favourite thing about England is so far. I would say the weather, but that's a fantastically boring answer (though it's been around sixty degrees and glorious). So instead I will say my favourite thing, other than the amazing architecture and addicting food and crazy cool towns, has simply been the whole experience of living in an entirely new place. Each day brings something new to learn, something new to get used to, something new to try, somewhere new to go, someone new to meet. For so long, I've been dreaming of exploring the rest of God's earth past my little Oklahoma patch, and now that time is here and now and I'm overwhelmed. I've always known there was so much more God put in this world than what was familiar to me, but now that fact is living and breathing in front of me. I've experienced so much in a mere two weeks; imagine what I'll see in the next ten!  

Pictures of our jaunt to York will be coming up soon. Oh, and guys? This time next week I will be in London. I think I might faint.


  1. Lovely pictures. I have enjoyed seeing them on Instagram too:) it looks like you are having a marvelously wonderful time. I'm so happy for you and this experience that God has allowed you to have.

  2. I have seriously LOVED every one of your England posts!!!! I can not believe you went to York, because that is where one of my favorite actresses lives! (Georgie Henley who played Lucy in the Chronicles of Narnia films). Please keep bringing on the pictures!! Oh and girly you need to get a twitter so I can follow you like I follow Jess!!! <3


  3. London!!! *sigh* Had you seriously never tried crumpets or chips before? Sorry that sounds really patronizing....I guess I haven't tried an awful lot of American food!!!
    Great photos!! You must be having an amaaazing time:)

  4. YAY! I Love all you photos Petie and Jess! :D I have always wanted to get to York and seeing your pictures help me feel like what it is like to live there!
    Thank you so much for your email, I will reply soon I am in the middle of preparing for exams so it may take a while.



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