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So Jess and I love singing together and making music and doing our own versions of songs by such talented people. I don't think a day has gone by without one of us pulling out the guitar and diving right in to a rendition of a favourite tune. And we can't do the dishes or cook or pretty much exist in the kitchen without blaring some music and creating some pretty special dance moves. Hopefully there will be more music videos in the near future (and don't worry, the Q&A video hasn't quite disappeared into oblivion's embrace). Currently we're working on a hymn medley and something involving the Oh Hello's. We'll see what comes of it. (And do watch this vid to the end because there's something special.)


  1. Love this! :) You two are so cute!


  2. This seriously made my day. It was perfect.

  3. oh wow.
    this is wonderful<3

  4. also ya'll should cover a musical song. yep.

  5. You both are such great singers! I really hope you do more music videos!!
    And your bloopers were hilarious!! And your mouse voices, haha. :) Can't wait for your Q&A video!

  6. That was fanta-bulous... Judging from this video I can see just how much fun you two must be having! :) And your voices are just awesome... seriously... where can I buy a CD? ;) Looking forward to the vlog... and way more covers... Blessings!

  7. Y'all are so fabulous. ^.^ This is awesome!

  8. Girls. This was amaaazing!! I cannot wait to see more music videos. (my favourite part was the chipmunk version. ahem.) Seriously though, you two are so talented:)

  9. You made me smile. You guys sing so well. Even in Chipmunk! Love it!

  10. Replies
    1. it's originally by an icelandic group called Of Monsters & Men. :) i adore those people and their music in every sense of the word.


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