york, beautiful york

all pictures of me by the loverly jess

So last month (WHAT THE DOODLES HOW HAVE I BEEN HERE FOR A WHOLE MONTH) Jess and I spent a week in the quaint little town of York, staying at the Bible college there to help out around the campus when we could. Thankfully we had plenty of time to ramble and see the gorgeous sights York offers. We spent every morning in a wonderful old gatehouse-turned-coffee shop (where I had the most amazing cup of tea to ever grace my taste buds), strolled along the historic York wall, took loads and loads of pictures and videos, and explored countless tiny streets and cute shops. York is such a compact town that no matter where you are, literally everything is in walking distance. And the York Minster is simply the icing on the cake. Everything about that town is loveliness itself; the houses, the streets, the people, the food. It's just as busy and bustling as any larger town, but there's an entirely different atmosphere in York. It's cozier, warmer, tighter-knit. It was in York where I tried my first crumpets (ohhhhmywordy), and my first fish and chips with gravy + mushy peas (like really ohhhhhhmywordy). I am having the time of my life with mah lil sheep. She's wild and wacky and full of adventure but I think we are also helping each other learn. We've had so many deep discussions and prayer that as we are growing in our friendship, we are also growing closer to Jesus. And hey, those are the best kind of friends to have. While we were in York, it was just the two of us, and it was such a special time. We chatted and sang and had pizza and pastys for dinner and stayed up to the late kind of hours where we start laughing for no reason. It was great. York, I'm coming back someday, I'm sure there's still more of you to see. Gracious, guys, I'm still overwhelmed by the fact that God has gifted me with this incredible opportunity to explore His world, new places I never thought I would get to see. It's just too much.

And guys, we went to London last week and oh my I'm still not sure how they succeeded in getting me to leave.


  1. Uggghhh every one of your #PetieGoesToEngland posts is making me green with envy!!!! ;) I've ALWAYS wanted to go to England!! York looks beautiful! I've decided I'm going there one day!

  2. so beautiful! next time you visit, take me with you.
    also you and jess look like you could be sisters.

  3. Wow!, Petie, it's all so BEAUTIFUL! :) You're inspiring me to save hard and go and see these wonderful places for myself! :)

  4. That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing! I am so coming over to England now to live! :D
    as I said on Jess's blog if you guys have time, let's email mmkay? :)
    Evie .xx

  5. Do you like coffee tea and cafes just a pinch? XD

  6. It almost doesn't look real it's so beautiful. Like something that amazing and quint couldn't actually exist.

  7. Again, stunning photographs. Enjoy every minute! It sure looks like the adventure of a lifetime.


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