It's been a long, long time since I've shot any portraits, and this set was wholly impromptu at that. After being "Instagram-friends" for a few months and realizing we live about an hour from each other, Hannah and I scheduled a meet-up in downtown Norman and hung out for a couple hours. It was a rainy afternoon, but we made the most of it once we realized downtown has about fifty-thousand fantastic photo spots (we only had time to barely scratch the surface). Hannah was such a breeze to photograph. She's a curious, whimsical, old-soul kind of gal who loves to laugh and jumped into every crazy thing I asked of her, be it running next to a train or standing in a windowsill. She's certainly full of life, this one.

Shooting these photos of Hannah made me realize how much I've missed shooting portraits. Since I came home from England, I've been so consumed with a building project my family is working on that I haven't had much opportunity for photography. It feels good to be back in the game. I'm ready to do more portrait sessions, practice methods I've been learning in classes, and stretch myself into more creative shoots.

Also, I've been wanting to start vlogging again, so at the encouragement of Jess (yes, I blame her entirely), I hope to shoot a Q&A video soon! So if you have any questions you'd like me to answer (deep ones, random ones, crazy ones, England ones, serious ones, any relating to life, love, and the pursuit of good literature and coffee, etc etc), then leave them in the comments below! thanks, guys. xoxo


  1. So, I saw "Central Oklahoman Photograher" on the title of your post and I was like, "Oh, wow, a photographer from Oklahoma." And then I realized that it's HANNAH! And then I was like OH MY GOSH I KNOW THAT GIRL!!

    Small world. No way.

    And now I'm freaking out because she is one of the most beautiful souls I know and you've done a perfect job capturing her!! <3

    I had no idea you were in the Oklahoma area. Who knows? We might cross paths someday.

    a vapor in the wind

    1. Oh wow! It IS a small world! :) I certainly had no idea you two knew each other. And you live in Oklahoma, too? I have lived here my whole life. :)

      Haha, well the "central Oklahoma photographer" title was actually referring to myself. ;) I'm trying to become a bit more "official" with my photographing. I actually know several photographers in Oklahoma! Carlotta Cisternas, Ellie Berry, and Kristen Morris are some of the best. :)

    2. Oh, I see! *blonde moment*

      I've lived in Oklahoma pretty much my whole life as well! And I've frequented Norman quite often. :)

      I'm looking forward to seeing your vlogs! And I'd love to see more portraits. You really do a lovely job.

  2. Great shoot! And Hannah's eyes are gorgeous. You really captured them well!
    For your video, I'd like to ask for 3 tips you would give to someone who wants to start trying portrait photography.
    I'll comment again if I think of anymore. Thanks! :)

    1. I thought of another question! Is there any speaking habits, mannerisms, or anything you've picked up from England that your family or USA friends tease you about?

  3. Awesome photos Petie!! :D
    Questions for your video.. hmm
    Was Chatsworth house as impressive in real life as it is in the pictures?
    What's your opinion on Colonel Brandon
    How was Phantom and Les Mis?
    Which was better?
    Should we bring tissus if we are seeing Les Mis? (DUH EVIE YES :p)
    Can you quote as many quotes into one sentence?
    I'll shut up now :D

  4. I have one question: Are there times when you regret having cut your hair? (Don't get me wrong, it looks absolutely darling on you!)

  5. These are terrific pictures!! I especially like the color play in the brick photos.

  6. Hey Petie, :) ... Love your photos and the way you capture the inner beauty of your subjects. XD

    - What is one life lesson you learned in 2014 that you are willing to share?
    - What is your favourite item of clothing?
    - What is your current favourite movie and/or TV series?
    - Are you a cat person or a dog person?
    - Dream cast for Les Mis?
    - A word of encouragement for gals waiting for their Prince Charming (or Gilbert Blythe, Colonel Brandon, or George Knightley, dependant of what you prefer... ;P)?
    - Favourite time of day to drink coffee (and don't just say 'ALL DAY')?
    - Three things that are always found in your purse?
    - What would you recommend to someone who wanted to start wearing a little bit of makeup? What to start with, faux-pas to avoid?
    - What makes you excited about being alive right now?
    - Favourite item of jewelry?
    - Tips for a girl dying to save up and see the UK? XD
    - The favouritest book on your shelf? (can be due to sentimental value or it was a special gift...)
    - and, FINALLY, what is one of your goals for 2015?

    Sorry... got a bit distracted there... :/...

  7. Hey Petie! Gorgeous photos! (As always)
    -When did you first find Les Mis?
    -What is your favourite Period Drama movie?
    -If you could visit one European country for a month, which one would it be?
    -Apart from the UK, of course, have you ever been overseas?
    -When and how did you first get into photography?

  8. Tell me about how you discovered photography!

  9. I love these! Thanks for taking them. :)

    Some words you love right now?
    Best coffee you've had? Best tea?
    Favorite smells?
    What songs bring a smile to your face?


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