Guys. I have sad news. This is my last England post. I know, it's awful. Perish the thought and all that. But this isn't to say you won't see more travel photos sprinkled throughout future posts. C'mon, did you really think I would have been able to share all five thousand of them by now?

Two days before I left the land of the Brits, I had one last hurrah with Jess and Damien in the form of a day trip to Liverpool. Surprisingly, it seemed to be a quieter city than most; maybe not less busy, but just more subdued. We began with meandering through the huge shopping centre, making our way to Albert Docks and the Maritime Museum. Albert Docks is infamous for being the main port where slavetraders would deliver and sell slaves. A section of the Maritime Museum featured the International Slavery Museum, which was incredibly interesting. Though after the "glamorous" sites of London and York and Edinburgh, it was a harsh contrast to walk through a grimmer side of history.

After a quick stop at the Beatles' exhibit, we made our way back to the city centre, spending way too long in Thornton's Chocolates and eating lunch while listening to a Beatles-wannabe street performer. We had two or three more spots we wanted to see, and I'm sure we would have if our first stop hadn't been the Liverpool Cathedral. The Liverpool Cathedral is the largest cathedral in England, and to say it staggered us would be an understatement. The exterior wasn't particularly pretty, but when we walked through the door, we were totally and completely gobsmacked. Never in my life have I felt so tiny. The vaulted ceilings soared above us, and the stained glass windows outshone any I'd seen. I need to invent some words glorious enough to describe the stunning beauty of that place. Long story short, we ended up spending the rest of our day wandering around the cathedral in awe. After a coffee run (because coffee), we made sure to scurry back to the train station before sunset, because let's just say Liverpool nightlife doesn't have the best reputation.

Though it may not be as enchanting or lively as other cities, Liverpool (or should I say the Liverpool Cathedral because guys, have I mentioned how stunning it was) was the perfect farewell-to-England excursion. It's hard to forget all the memories we made that day, and - I'm gonna mention it again - the beauty of that cathedral is still burned in my mind. Jess and I still laugh over our memorable Liverpool-moments, and how we ate chocolate and sang Disney songs on the train home. (Damien likes to say he refrained from joining us, but... he didn't.)


p.s. I'll be shooting my Q&A vlog soon, so now is the time to submit any questions! Just leave them in the comments.


  1. Your pictures are simply gorgeous. What kind of camera do you have?

    1. Thank you muchly! I have a Nikon d3100. These photos were shot with my 35mm lens.

    2. Eeep! I might be getting one of those cameras for my birthday (in less than a week) :D Now to teach myself to take good photos before our trip to NZ

  2. Lovely lovely lovely! :D My favourite actor at the moment is from there! :-)

  3. These pictures are so beautiful and Liverpool looks absolutely lovely!

  4. Wow. There's something dark and gritty but beautiful about Liverpool that I love.
    And THAT CATHEDRAL. It's beautiful!!! I don't know what you meant about it not being as beautiful on the outside because that one exterior photo is amaaaazzing.

  5. SADNESS THE ENGLAND POSTS ARE ENDING :( :( ahhhh that day was so much fun. and that flippin cathedral! we need to go back there. yup. we do. ohhhhh QUESTIONS AY? well, you asked for it!
    1. what do you miss most about england? apart from me that is.
    2. when are you coming back to england?
    3. are you starting to question why you left england yet?
    4. you are able to get toothless the dragon as your pet, but first you would have to steal him off hiccup (and also see the look of utter grief and sadness on his face). would you do it?
    5. where shall we go for our honeymoon?

  6. Love the photos! The cathedral is stunning & you did a great job capturing it. :)

    Also, if it is not to late for additional questions: favourite Pixar film? best Disney songs to sing along to?

    1. ahhh, sadly I had already filmed my q+a (which I need to post coughcough) when I got your questions, so I'll just answer them now! :)
      favourite Pixar film: oooh, it's a toss-up between the Toy Story movies (yes, I'm counting them as one) and The Incredibles... Probably have to go with Toy Story. :)
      best Disney songs to sing along to: BUT THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD ONES. ok ok here we go... Circle of Life, A Whole New World, Be Our Guest, Colors of the Wind, Go the Distance, Everybody Wants to Be a Cat, and of course... LET IT GOOOOO! LET IT GOOOOOOOOO! :D

  7. Okay, some questions...(and beuatiful pictures, by the way - just gorgeous, as usual)

    1. Has Jess told you much about New Zealand? If so, do you like the sound of it and would you visit it?
    2. Apart from piano, do you play any other instrument?
    3. Coffee or chocolate?
    4. Coffee or England?
    5. Should Jess visit you and do amazing photo shoots in the USA? (*nods head*)

    1. Like I said above, sadly I had already filmed my vlog when I got your questions. But here we go!

      1. Only like EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW. :) Yes, she has told me all about New Zealand, and I would looove to visit one day. It sounds amazing.
      2. Jess actually started teaching me guitar when I was over there, and I've been trying to keep up with it since I've been home. I love it!
      3. Coffee. Because as much as I love chocolate, it makes me sleepy and coffee doesn't because coffee is life.
      4. OUCH. Ummm England because it's sooo prettttyyy there and they have the best coffee and I would just get it anyway. ;)

  8. Can I just say how jealous I am that you went to England? It looks like you and Jess had so much fun! I don't comment on here much but I love your blog and read every post. I tagged you in one of my posts. I don't know if tags are your cup of tea (or coffee, ha) but I thought I'd let you know.

    1. You are too sweet! thanks for dropping by and saying hi. :)

  9. #whyyesIdohavemanyquestions :)
    Your blog is gorgeous, and so inspiring + uplifting. And your photos are drop-dead gorgeous. So I was wondering, what camera do you have? Do you use an editing software? Maybe do you shoot in manual? I especially drooled over the portrait-style photos in the cathedral (CAN I SAY GORGEOUSSSSS) that had the blurred background. Did you use a regular lens for these? And did you shoot with the smallest aperture that you could? Any tips + tricks would be appreciated!!! God bless!


    1. thank you so much, dear! I use a Nikon d3100 and shoot with a 35mm 1.8 lens. Right now I use PhotoScape X as my editing software, but I'm hoping to purchase Lightroom in the near future. While manual mode is generally considered to be the only way to go in photography, I for one find it to be too fussy and much prefer aperture mode. That is what I used to shoot all these photos. When using aperture mode for portraits, though, you just have to be careful not to make your aperture too low or parts of your subject will be out of focus. Sometimes you may want that in order to achieve a certain look, but not always. For the portraits in the cathedral, I think my aperture was around f3 or f4. Hope this helps you out! :)


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