Guys. It's finally fall. Fall means sweaters and cold air and steaming lattes and gorgeous colors and salted caramel pumpkin everything. Literally. I've basically been counting the days until fall because it just makes me so happy. And something I've learned is happiness always necessitates a good playlist. So in celebration of fall, here are seven songs I listen to when I'm particularly excited about life. (I excluded all Broadway, Disney, and musical tunes since that would take an entire list of its own.) And I must confess these songs don't necessarily relate to fall, so if you were expecting lyrics about rustling leaves and changing colors and what not, well then this just got a little awkward...

my lighthouse // rend collective
What I enjoy most about Rend Collective's style is their infectious joy, and this song is full of it. It's hard to pick a song of theirs I don't like, but this one has remained solidly my favourite.

oh how I need you // all sons + daughters
My love for this song was confirmed when I heard it live. This duo has such an pure delight for music and the God they worship. It's incredible.

trees // the oh hellos 
My favourite songs are ones that make me think. But one such song that also has a crazy fun tune? It's a winner.

house of gold // twenty-one pilots
I'm in love. The catchy tune is addicting, and honestly, what is more satisfying than screaming that one line?

shut up and dance // walk the moon
I'd like to know who can not dance when they hear this song. I ask you.

little talks // of monsters + men
I don't have enough good things to say about it. I'm just crazy about the sound of this song and the vibe of this band. 

where no one goes // jonsi + john powell
This one makes the list because A) it just sounds like happiness, and B) my love for How to Train Your Dragon knows no bounds.

So what are some of your favourite happy songs? Are you welcoming fall, or sad to leave summer behind? Or a little of both?


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  1. I'll admit I've only heard like two of these songs so you can bet I will be looking the rest up very soon!!! I really love "Best Song Ever" by One Direction, "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift, "First" by Lauren Daigle, "You Are So Beautiful" by the Tenors (basically all the songs off their new "Under One Sky" album is AMAZINGGGG.


    1. Yay! I hope you find some new favourites. :) Ahhhh, I love Lauren Daigle's music! Her voice is stunning.

  2. Shut Up and Dance is my boyfriend and I's "song". Seeing it live together was INCREDIBLE.

    1. Awww, that's so precious! It's pretty much one of the best songs ever.

  3. Shut Up and Dance is my boyfriend and I's "song". Seeing it live together was INCREDIBLE.

  4. Shut Up and Dance is my boyfriend and I's "song". Seeing it live together was INCREDIBLE.

  5. "Melody" by Kate Earl and "Static Waves" by Andrew Belle are two must-have songs for fall. <3

  6. Oooohh! I love this playlist. :) I've been hunting for new playlists for the new season and I think I finally found one that I absolutely LOVE!! <3

    Keep blogging, lovely!


  7. Oh My Word. I didn't know you were a Twenty One Pilots fan!!!!!!! I love people who love Twenty One Pilots :D

    Dance A Real

    1. Yes!! I don't know if I can call myself a proper fan yet, because I've only heard a handful of songs, but House of Gold is just my jam. :D

    2. Have you listened to Migraine yet? My all time fave :)

      Dance A Real

  8. I KNOW. IT'S FALL. (Or Autumn. That's the right word. :-P) Our family loves to sing 'My Lighthouse!' :-)

    1. Hahaha, well Autumn it is, then. ;) yes yes, it is sooo good, isn't it?

  9. Ah, I love House of Gold and Little Talks. I also love my lighthouse and oh how I need you. I haven't heard of the other songs. If you haven't already, I recommend listening to Not Today. That's my jam right now. :)

  10. For whatever reason my siblings have dubbed "Shut up and Dance" as "my" song. No clue why, but whenever it is heard they look at me and say, "Yep. It's yours."

    *confused but accepting look*

    All Sons & Daughters is great, and I haven't heard much of Twenty-One Pilots, but what I've had heard is surprisingly catchy, given that it's not my typical style of music. And of course, the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack is always amazing!

    I'll have to check out the others, though.

  11. I'm rather ashamed to admit I only know two of these (although I am somewhat familiar with the "Oh Hellos" just not that song in particular) which are "Little Talks" (only because of the video of you + Jess singing it :D) and Shut up and Dance. The latter always makes me sing along to it, even though it's pretty silly. :P
    We've just begun our spring (my favourite season!) so it's a little different over here, but I'm very excited about that season. It's always one of the most action packed seasons, and I love the weather. I thought I may list some of the happy songs I like. Since you asked so nicely.... ;) (And if we were including Broadway and musicals etc, I'd have an endless list.)
    "Dream" by Priscilla Ahn is one of my favourites at the moment. It's so pretty and always leaves me feeling happy. :)
    "Summer Forever" by Megan Nicole is a rather silly song but I find it really fun. Plus, I love summer.
    "So Alive" by Tiffany Alvord always leaves me feeling pumped and 'ready to take on the world'. Hehe.
    "Worth It All" by Meredith Andrews is one I only recently discovered - because I saw your video of it on your YouTube channel. Oh, I loved it so much! I wanted to learn it these holidays, but I ran out of time. Someday, though, I'm going to learn it, although I know I can't sing it (or play it) as well as you did. Still, it's a lovely song.
    "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban is still one of my favourite songs. It gives me chills every. single. time.
    I could be listing songs all day, but I really should go to bed now, so I'll leave it at that. ;) Thanks for the post, I'll have to look into those songs now. :D
    ~Miss Meg March

  12. I just love Shut Up and Dance too! It's just so catchy! :-)
    hmm I've found the Local Hero Soundtrack is brilliant! It always makes me happy and yes it's spring here too like Miss March said.. so I listen to lots of classical music and Spring by Vivaldi :-D That's fun to play too.
    I think that's all so far...
    Have a lovely afternoon Petie!

  13. (Late to the party, but) TWENTY ONE PILOTS, YUSSSSS.

    Love your list, Petie! I love allll of these songs!

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  15. Not at all sorry that summer is now over, fall is my favorite season. I will definitely check out this playlist. I've recently been getting into twenty one pilots and truce is hands down my favorite song so far. Also, bonfire heart by james blunt and better days by edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros are amazing songs that I think you'd really enjoy xx

    - Kathlyn | http://kathlynskorner.blogspot.com/

  16. this is a fantastic playlist! also, twenty one pilots wins at life. the end.


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