Surprise, surprise! I am in England once more! AHHHHH. I've been back in my wonderful, crazy second home for the past two weeks (yes, I am a sham of a blogger). This plan to return began formulating last June, the time flew by, and now I'm here! WHAT. In a lot of ways, it feels like no time has passed whatsoever since I was here last. It seemed to pick up right where I left off! But other days I look around me in complete disbelief. Going to England the first time was big enough; but being able to come again within a year's time? GOD IS SO GOOD.

And since I am in England, that of course means I am back together with my bonkers lil' sheep Jess!! And we get to hang out with each other for the next two months. I know, what even is my life right now. It has been too amazing to be with my James again. We've spent the past two weeks catching up in person, laughing our heads off, singing songs, painting fences, making plenty of coffees, eating our favourite foods, watching films, and of course, filming videos for our Mind the Gap series. Last week we took a three-day holiday to Wales (my first time!), and it was simply sublime. Wales is a gorgeous place full of rugged mountains and rivers and surrounded by the ocean. Buuuuut I won't tell you too much about it now, because a proper Wales blog post will be coming soon! Along with some photo sessions between myself and Jess, of course. Heh heh, you'll probably be so sick of our faces.

To keep up with our adventuring (of which there will be much much more), craziness, and coffee consumption, you should check out mine and Jess' Instagrams! It's our favourite social media so we post there, uh, probably more often than we should. You should also check out our Mind the Gap series on YouTube if you haven't already, because we post a video every week and each one is chock full of insanity, hilarity, and all sorts of crazy stuff.

Basically, guys, I am just so fantastically happy to be back in this land I love so much with these people I adore like nobody's business. We have so much planned and so many schemes in place that the next two months are going to feel like a whirlwind. But I am so ready. I still can't believe the Lord has blessed me with this chance to come back. It took several months of hard work and prayer, but the end result is well worth it. England, how I have missed you.


  1. Yay, so happy for you girls! Can't wait to see all the fun adventures y'all have together :)

  2. I cannot wait to see what you two get up to! (And live vicariously through your photos and whatnot because I need to get to England. School can wait, right? Right...)

    Xx, Carmel.

  3. I thought I'd comment on yours since Jess has more comments than you. ;)
    While I was watching your Mind the Gap Episode 12, one of my sisters walked past and asked, "Are they sisters?" (She was laughing quietly next to me, while I was. :D) Hehe. Hear that? You two can pass off as sisters. Despite your different accents.... ;) I like your lists of favourite things.....food, yes, movies, yes, Instagram, yes. I don't have Instagram but I stalk people shamelessly. My excuse is - they're putting it on the internet for the express reason of people seeing it! ;) (And oh my gosh when Jess was mouthing along to when you read the chocolate box description, I was giggling so hard!) Okay, so I wrote up a little list of questions (because I love lists) and here it is: *whips out paper* *puts on spectacles* (No, I don't wear glasses, in case you were wondering)
    -What made you want to start blogging?
    -If it was free and you were given the opportunity, would you go skydiving?
    -What's the scariest thing you've done?
    -Have you ever taken music lessons?
    -Are you naturally an extrovert or an introvert?
    -Regarding the musicals in general, Les Miserables or Phantom of the Opera?
    -Are you planning on keeping your 'pixie cuts' or letting your hair grow longer?
    -I think you said you liked the TV show Sherlock - if that's correct, who are your top 3 favourite characters from it?
    -I know you used to have a blog called "Dirt and Dickens", Petie, and as I am a Dickens fan I was curious to know what your favourite Dickens book is? :D
    -(You needn't answer this controversial question if you'd rather not...) What is your opinion on The Hunger Games?
    -One word of advice to young teenage Christian girls?
    I'm a very curious person, as you can tell. :D You don't have to answer ALL those questions if you don't want to, though. I just thought 'there's no harm in asking!' ;)
    I can't wait to read/see/hear more about your wonderful adventures and funny stories! :)
    ~Miss Meg March

  4. I'll just say it one more time - YOU'RE SO LUCKYYYYYY. And I'm so very happy for you. : )

  5. Aww, so happy for you two!! Have fun in England, Petie!!
    And LOVELY photos. The one of the plane wing..wow. So beautiful! I think my favorite photos may be of the mountains, though. They are so gorgeous!!

  6. Eeee! How could you keep this a secret?! :) So excited to see more of your adventures!

  7. wooot! have fun in england! i loved the time i've spent there.

    p.s.: you look gorgeous as always <3 xx

  8. Holy crap these are freaking amazing. I am totally envious right now haha.


  9. WOAH. beautiful. and I'm so happy you guys are together. <3


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