it doesn't feel like winter until...

My ever-so-crafty momma floods our porch with pine needles and holly berries.
We switch out our orange leaf decorations with snow-frosted pinecones.
The smell of peppermint hot chocolate pervades our home. 
We can skate on our ice-covered sidewalk.
Eggnog makes its glorious presence known in our fridge.
I have to don a parka to go downstairs (we don't keep the heat on down there).
Josh Groban's voice resounds through the air.
We hand out Christmas ornaments to store clerks. 
The Christmas Carol comes off the shelf. 
The Advent cards are pulled out and we gather each night to read the Word.
Sweaters and scarves are daily necessities, not options.

And of course, the blanket of white covering my backyard doesn't hurt either.

p.s. Thank you all so much for your book recommendations. I'm sure on these cozy winter nights I will have no lack of good literature. :)


  1. Eeeeeep, I got snow today, too. :D Like, three inches. I AM SO EXCITED.

  2. And *I* got snow the night before last & yesterday-- like, four or five inches. ;D It makes everything outside look much more Christmassy! :)

  3. oh so very lovely. we have a good bit of snow here too, and it's cold but it sure is beautiful. lovin' those pictures and AMEN TO JOSH GROBAN. all the time. yes good.

  4. Snow and Josh Groban. You are one 'fortunate' lady. And the world out there looks immensely picturesque. Oklahoma, here I come! Not really, but one day...

  5. OK STOP WITH THE EGGNOG ALREADY. can't wait to talk to yoooooou, laaaaaady!

  6. Oh, that's beautiful! I really am fond of your mother's porch decor!!! So lovely! :-) And the signs of winter's arrival? mmmm, yes. Eggnog is amazing. ;-)


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