in the attic [a photoshoot]

Okay. So. Technically, this isn't an attic, and some of these photos were taken outside. So really the title of this post is entirely unapplicable, but it sounded cool so I kept it. Logic for the win. The truth is that the upstairs of Jess's house is under renovation, therefore creating a superb location for dramatic photos. And while we were in the photoshoot mood, we ran outside and took some in the back garden as well. (See? I'm adapting to British lingo. The term "backyard" is a thing of the past.)

And to wrap up all this intelligence, ISN'T SHE GORGEOUS.


  1. Hello Petie and Jess!
    Lovely photos!! XD I love them, back garden, I am so using that now! (In Aus we say backyard too!)
    Have fun and thanks for your email, I had to contain my excitement greatly! :D
    <3 from AUS

  2. I love this photoshoot, especially the close-ups in the attic! ♥

    imsarahgrace art, photography & design

  3. Fantastic shots, girlie. <3


  4. Wow, how beautiful. Seriously stunning. I love the garden shots especially!


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