three sisters and a sunrise

There's a funny thing about photographers... they envision everyone they meet as potential models. When Jess and I spent four days in a little town called Norwich (more pictures of that trip yet to come!) with these three lovely ladies, we both knew a photoshoot had to happen. And like the geniuses we are, we planned it for sunrise... which of course meant we had to get up an hour or so before sunrise. Yeah. We were all a bit bleary-eyed. But it was so worth it. We frolicked all over that field and laughed like maniacal idiots and dodged muddy little dogs and took around five hundred photos, jumping up and down to keep warm between poses. (It was early in the morning. In England. So it was cold.) These girls were so much fun to hang out with and an absolute dream to photograph. Didn't they just rock this shoot??

And another thing... I am well aware these images are far, far from perfect and I have much yet to learn concerning the art of photography. But this shoot was an absolute blast; I got such a new kind of thrill from the challenge of shooting these pictures, and the creativity that goes into the whole process of producing portraits. I think I'm starting to become comfortable calling myself a photographer.


  1. Oooh, Petie these are really really good! :D
    Thanks ever so much for sharing
    Me, Myself and I

  2. LOVE these!! especially the one where you have half of noelle and savannah's faces (wonder where that idea came from....XD). love that kinda shot. also hahaha maniacal idiots. hahaha yes.

  3. These are GORGEOUS. You rocked it! Beautiful!


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