Sometimes I sit back and wonder what my life would be now if I had never started blogging. The biggest difference would be that visiting England twice within a year would never have happened (at least not in the same amazing way that it did). But I have been able to meet - both in person and through social media - so many incredible people who have all been a huge inspiration to me through how they live life, create, the way they see the world, and their love for Jesus. Some of those people have become my most precious and dear friends. If I had never started a blog all those years ago, just imagine what I would have missed out on. Gosh. It is kind of scary to think about, to be honest.

Cassie is a beautiful soul. I met her sister Jenn about two years ago, and this weekend, Cassie traveled up from London (where she lives and I fail hard at not being jealous about) to spend a few days with us in Manchester. She is gorgeous and full of laughter and sweet beyond description and has the most stunning eyelashes and simply loves life. What I love most about her is that she speaks of the Lord with such ease. He is such a part of her life that it spills out into her words. And boy, does this girl know how to have a good time. Our weekend consisted of phenomenal coffee runs, dining on bubble tea and frosted pretzels and crispy duck, spontaneous dancing, long conversations, exchanging funny stories, laughing about nothing, and teasing the heck out of each other. It was sad to see her go. But I was so happy to get the chance to shoot a mini-session of this sweet girl. We found a beautiful red and yellow tree in Manchester's Heaton Park and spent a few minutes in the freezing cold taking photos. All in all, this Cassie girl is a winner.

photo credit: jess m.


  1. Georgous as ever Petie!! :-D Those leaves are SO beautiful! *wishes so hard I was in England right now*
    Glad you're having fun and I loved your latest Mind The Gap! Someone take me to Paperchase, cause they don't ship to the land Down Under.. :(

  2. These are so cute! You did such a brilliant job!
    Love the black and white ones, and the leaves in the background are just so colorful.

    Sophia // lantern-in-her-hand.blogspot.com

  3. These are beautiful!! I love how dark the background is...Cassie is so pretty...and those fall colors!

  4. beautiful work + beautiful portraits.

  5. awh awh awh I have a pretty sister. MISS YOU GUYS COME BACK INTO MY LIFE


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